This blog focuses on special situation stock investing. It will contain articles on, among others, merger arbitrage, stock tenders, and liquidations.

I’ll write about mainstream large cap mergers, but I’ll also cover situations in micro caps and in regions of the world traditionally not covered in most stock blogs.

This goal of this blog is to mirror my own investing style: I like to take positions in countless special situations at once, not researching every separate investment case as deep as a more specialized investor should.

Over the years this has worked out for me, resulting in a number of failures that perhaps could have been prevented had I dug deeper, but also a number of successes that worked out because I wasn’t as concerned with covering all the angles as a more prudent investor might have been.

My goal in stock investing and for this blog is to be right more often than I’m wrong, not to be never wrong.

Needless to say, anyone reading this blog should use it as a starting point for doing your own research, never ever rely on anything I write.

It’s important for any reader to realize this blog is written for entertainment purposes only and contains my own personal opinions; nothing in this blog constitutes investment advice or an offer to buy or sell any security. I do not guarantee the accuracy and/or completeness of the information provided in this blog.