Eco Science Solutions: It’s All Just A Little Bit Of History Repeating

Bart van Velzen   15/05/2017  

Thanks to an ongoing stock promotion Eco Science Solutions is up 700% over the last 12 months. Today, however, 14 million newly issued shares have become available for trading. The person holding those shares has previously been CEO of Eventure, another publicly traded company, whose share price was run straight into the ground in 2014. I believe ESSI stock will suffer the same fate. Read more.

Cannabis Sativa: All Hype

Bart van Velzen   07/11/2016  

Cannabis Sativa is up 800% to year, in anticipation of November’s marijuana vote in nine US states. However, the company is basically a tiny webshop with very little assets and very little to gain by legalization. The main purpose of Cannabis Sativa appears to be for insiders to dump stock. When the hype dies down, expect shares of CBDS to sell off. Read more.

MGT Capital: Dilution Ahead

Bart van Velzen   11/07/2016  

Last Friday John McAfee’s MGT filed its long awaited proxy statement. The statement shows recent acquisitions generate hardly any turnover and existing MGT shareholders face extensive dilution. While the bear case suggests MGT is nothing more a scheme to print shares, even the bull case suggest an hefty overvaluation. Read more.